Welcome to The Christian & Geek Content List! A place where I, @RainnaSwiftSage have started to compile christian "geek" content in one place where I can find christian gaming geekery easier and hopefully others can too! When I first felt impressed to do a Christian Gaming Podcast I was a little intimidated as I didn't know any other openly christian gamers let alone christian content creators. Well, lets just say I was humbled and pleasantly surprised how many fellow brothers and sisters in Christ there were in the gaming geek community! So many of us have been called to a virtual mission trip to spread the gospel! Each of us are being called to use our interests and talents to Glorify God in our own way and I have decided to start to compile a list of us here!

Please keep in mind I have not vetted all content or content creators I have added to the lists below. Some I have added myself and some have requested or suggested to be added. I do require them to be clean family friendly Christian based/hosted Entertainment themed.  If you find something made its way on to the list that does not fit those guidelines and feel it should not be on here please let me know. I


If you have or know of content you feel would be a great fit to be added to the list feel free to contact me to! 

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