Christian Gaming Podcast 14: Roundtable Shownotes!

Welcome to Episode 14 of Christian Gaming Podcast!

This is the Special ACG Roundtable Edition where I'm joined by friends to talk about God and Gaming on the first Saturday of the Month!

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It is June 1st 2019!

I am your host Rainna SwiftSage , and my cohosts for tonight are :

Luminin ,Goon, and Kennethan!

Daily Bread!

Main Topic: Chosen by Lumin :) Lumin! You can introduce :)

How has God worked in your life through video games?”

Roundtable Feedback Listed Below :

You can add your thoughts on the topic below under your name . This can be filled in anyway you see fit as you are going to be the one talking on our own behalf. Some like bullet points and some like paragraphs :) It is your choice.

Luminin: IRL I'm not a social person, I just don't really bother trying to make friends or even keep in touch with others. Honestly I don't even talk to other people. God puts me where I need to be and has used gaming to get me to communicate, to relate and form friendships that I otherwise wouldn't. More than that though, He's guided my path through those people to new subjects which lead me to more friends.

Goon: Has let me meet and become friends with like minded people

Kennethan: God used gaming to get through to me. I gave my life to Christ when I was sixteen but didn’t really dedicate myself fully until after God pursued me. I have been playing video games since at least high school with Mattel Intellivision. My wife and I got our first PC back in 1987 and played text-based games at first until Civilization came out and totally consumed us. Online gaming led to my fall into sin and God pursued me to restore me. And he gave me my kids back and gaming too. When I found out about aka Twitch from my kids, I joined and thought I would be a Christian gamer who streamed. A brother in the Lord and I have been streaming Champions Online with scripture discussion 2013. This led me Christian gaming groups and then to be one of the founders and admin for God Mode Activated. God has been using my gaming to share the gospel and support others who do the same.


At first glance I would not have looked back at my decades of gaming as something that God may have had a hand in, but now I am not so sure.

I started on Atari with frogger and then hopped to NES where gaming made living in the boonies tolerable.

I didn't game all through High School then picked up a PC gaming in my early 20’s with Age of Empires. Went from there to my first MMORPG in Warcraft shortly after Wrath released.

The Older i got and the more I gamed , gaming became more of a community thing for me. I'm a social person in nature and love meeting new people and making new friends.

I have always been a closet gamer. Strictly separating my real life from my gaming life.

Non gamers dont get gamers. I didn't know anyone outside of warcraft that gamed. It was like living two lives. I'm not sure why it is, I even feel that way now.

I could always talk about gaming in my gaming life but not my real life.

I could always talk about God in my real life but never in my gaming life.

It had always been this weird Tabu thing. IT kind felt like the dances I remember attending in high school. Everyone was a wall flower. Everyone was so afraid to get out and be the first person to start dancing. It's like everyone in my past gaming communities found God to be Tabu and if you were to talk about him you would be unfollowed or stereotyped and I fell into that trap.

I never crossed the streams and it lead to the slow death of my relationship with God which made it easy for the Devil to creep into my life even more.

I have briefly mentioned my struggles and my rebirth in past episode, but I do have my testimony published on now, so I wont go into that due to time:)

But The Enemy crept in, and depression came with the death of my Dad, so gaming was a great escape! When that didn't heal the hurt Boxed wine stepped in and said I’ll take care of you! After about 3 years of that horrible escalating situation, When I was at the bottom of my barrel and feeling like a prisoner, I reached out to God. God met me in my mess. In the darkest trenches. I'm pretty sure he also saved me from alcohol poisoning a few times. It was bad.

Took a break , was afraid to go back to gaming. Was afraid to go back to podcasting. I had made gaming, podcasting about gaming and drinking an idol I worshipped.

About the end of last year,I kept feeling God nudged me to return to my roots as a new creation when I was determined to never return.

I was terrified to become the old me. But being baptised and giving my life to him made such a change in me! I just can't express it. Words do it no justice!

I struggled with the Idea to return because in my absence I had listened to so many different sermons from various pastors downing video games and I found myself conflicted,Why jus omit an entire group of people? All through the bible Jesus never did that! Why would we?

God impressed on me to return to gaming and podcasting and I had to have faith he knew what he was doing. So I trusted him. I sat down one night, with God as a host of the show, and planned out my show, right down to the title. I was so confused at what to call it and he was all like ummm really? Its a Christian Gaming Podcast ! I'm like DUHHHHHH So here I am , no longer afraid to talk openly about God and Gaming, and I hope others will step out in faith and join us too!

Free ZoneTime !

Luminin I've been working so much lately, that I usually get home and all I want to do is grab a bite to eat and go to bed, so gaming? That's in the fridge, I've taken it off the back burner. I've been playing a couple of games on my phone, Fish Tycoon 2 and MergeDragons! I could literally spend hours sitting and playing MD! Actually, I have. Both are games that you can afk play, so they’re doable at work.


Kennethan:I am a variety gamer. I am a MMORPG player but I also play other genres. Guild Wars 2, Champions Online, Dauntless, Apex legends, Railroad Corporation, Planet Nomads, Astroneer are some of the games on my current playlist. Too many games, not enough time. :) I make a point of my Thursday streams to play a train game so I have it always on my playlist but also a place that allows me more time to engage the community.

Blessed by all of the amazing folks in the Christian gaming community. Their passion to share the gospel, their support whether its just being in twitch chat or donating to charities or praying has been great.

Rainna: I started the week out playing Ark Survival Evolved with Goon and then hopping into dauntless a few times then I bought the game called:

Outlaws of the Wild west on steam on wednesday . It usually costs $19.99 but you can grab it for 14.99

Outlaws of the Old West is a massively multiplayer survival MMO with a huge world, thousands of items and a modular building system. Survive the wild, build your own homestead, defeat villainous bandits and work with others to tame the Wild West.

RECENT REVIEWS: Mixed ( I feel it is mainly due to people not knowing what Early Access is!

RELEASE DATE:Mar 12, 2019

DEVELOPER:Virtual Basement LLC

PUBLISHER:Wandering Wizard

Outlaws of the Old West is a massively multiplayer survival sandbox MMO with a huge world

I Had been eyeballing it since it came out 2 months ago

It appealed to me because I love playing Ark on primitive servers but the log in to those servers are horrendous so this is great!

The load into this game is nothing. It already has way more building items etc .

I have had a lot of fun streaming it.

The streaming community for it is small atm but very friendly!

I joined the Rookery RP server yesterday and had a very rewarding experience taming a horse! It is its own mini game!

There's NPC prefab buildings you can oss down. Mailboxes that perform tasks as well as allowing you to send mail. Bandit NPCs , NPC camp sites, etc. Instance gold minds that are instanced, supposedly a train and covered wagons etc. They are adding new stuff all the time! So full right now without any mods!

Closing Thoughts:

Any Shout outs you guys want to give? Any Prayer Requests or Praises you haven't mentioned?

Luminin I tell people, I'm close minded. My beliefs are not up for debate or review. I'll share, but scripture is scripture. I apply that to games, movies, everything. If it's not supporting scripture, it's trying to tear it down. If you have to pause, if there's a little voice whispering about something, don't buy that game, don't watch that show. It might seem okay, but is that because it is or because we want it to be? John 3:19

( DUDE this hits close to home Luminin! -Rainna)


Kennethan: Got my PAX West tickets! I call it my once a year panic attack to make sure tickets are purchased without hitches.

Shout outs – God Mode Activated

You can follow them us on Twitter at God Mode Activated@GMAMinistries

Prayer or Praise – God bring revival to the gaming community.

Rainna: I have felt so blessed to have found so many new christian gaming pals like Kennethan the past few months and to also get to know my pals like Lumin and goon and Felloon who could not make it here with us tonight, in a whole new light!

Rainna: As we going into our gaming realms this week, let us be intentional and mindful with our actions.

What’s something we can do to glorify God in and out of game?

Please let me know what you came up with!

Let's keep our brothers and sisters all over the world in our prayers.

Send any prayer requests (private or public) you'd like to share to: or tweet the show @A_CGPodcast!

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You can follow Felloon on Twitter @Kennethanlive and on twitch search him out . Its Kennethan

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